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Leave your buckets & sponges at home!

AutoSpa provides a fast, simple and highly effective program for non-profit organizations to raise money. Sell fundraising cards at their full face value and keep 50% of the proceeds.

Our fundraising program is a simple way for your non-profit organization to experience fundraising success. Selling Palatka AutoSpa fundraising cards couldn’t be easier.

Your group can include schools, athletic teams and their booster clubs, service organizations, churches, fraternities, sororities and other 501(c) (3) organizations.

AutoSpa Fundraising Coupons

AutoSpa Fundraising Program

Raise money FAST with Palatka AutoSpa fundraising program!

  • Get cash in with one simple transaction
  • No inventory to deliver after the sale
  • Let us do the car washing for you. No need to spend the day in a parking lot
  • No more stnading on the side of the road waving at people
  • Money in your organizations pocket by selling our fundraising coupons. (credit given for all returned coupons)

When you purchase $5 car wash tickets you sell them for $10. The customer gets a $20 car wash for $10.

If You Sell Your Organization Will Make
50 $250
250 $1,250
500 $2,500
1,000 $5,000

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